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LOVE Flutes

Traditional style of the Native American Love Flute.

The Native style Love Flute has a soft sweet sound like no other. I specialize in the 6 hole love flute and tune them to a pentatonic minor scale. I make all sizes from mid A to Low G, using different exotic woods to display the wood's beauty and figure. Different wood types also have characteristic sound qualities, some being more "crisp" and others more "earthy" sounding.

If you're interested in purchasing a deep or low key flute please remember that these are longer than the average mid-range flute. The hole spacing is also wider and therefore may not be comfortable for some people's hands, but they sure do sound deep and beautiful!

 You're welcome to contact me via this site or on whatsapp (060 99 22 599) to discuss whats best for you.


Drone Love Flutes are becoming increasingly popular because of the dual functionality of them.

Two flutes combined into one, these drone flutes will melt your heart. The drone note on the one side joining with the regular scale flute on the other side, makes for unique and intriguing sounds.

Originally these types of flutes were used for ceremonies.

One can play both sides together or only one side if desired.

Perhaps you'd like a drone flute with a lower key drone side? These also make for fantastic sounds!



*** Pricing is based on regular hardwoods used(eg. Kiaat). More expensive exotic woods, when available, would make the flute slightly higher in price.

*** A 50% deposit is required for any custom order and full payment before delivery/shipment.

*** Turnaround time for the crafting of most flutes, is between 2 and 4 weeks.

F high: R1000.00

E high: R1000.00

D high: R1000.00

C high: R1000.00

B midrange: R1300.00

A midrange: R1500.00

G midrange: R1600.00

F midrange: R1700.00

E midrange: R1800.00

D midrange: R2000.00

C midrange: R2000.00

B low: R2200.00

A low: R2500.00


G midrange: R3000.00

F midrange: R3200.00

E midrange: R3300.00

D midrange: R3400.00

C midrange: R3500.00

B low: R3700.00

A low: R4000.00

G low: R4300.00

* Its a great idea to check out my instagram or FB page as I am always posting new instruments that I've crafted, and one can see many videos and pictures.*