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Dragon Marimbas

Another spectacular sounding instrument is the marimba. Bringing you sounds from Africa and South America where this instrument originates.

Warm tones from traditional woods gives one an almost nostalgic feeling, and these instruments are so easy to make a melody on, without needing any experience with music theory.

The Dragon Marimba typically comes in two sizes, as in the picture above. The small marimba which is one octave, and the larger marimba which is two octaves.

These instruments make fantastic gifts, as well as being a lovely authentic instrument for the whole family to have fun on. The larger marimba comes with the option of attaching legs and the small marimba can be placed on the floor, coffee table or even mounted on the wall as a feature in the lounge.


Small marimba: R2500.00 (C5-C6) & R3000.00 (C4-C5)

Large marimba: R6500.00 (C3-C5) extra R500 for legs