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Dragon Didgeridoos

The magical didgeridoos are crafted from an amazing plant called Agave, as well as certain hardwoods when they're available.

Some didgeridoos are shaped very uniquely and each is an individual that has had passion, patience and love  poured into it. Some specimens require more work than others, but the end result is a beautiful instrument that connects one to mother earth - the didgeridoo.

By using your voice and a variety of lip and mouth movements, you can create tunes, melodies and vibrations that will blow your mind. This is what happens to me each time I play. There is never a dull moment when playing a didgeridoo because there are always new ways of breathing and new sounds and rhythms one can make.

It is a fascinating instrument that anybody can play and have fun with or meditate with, or even if you want to strengthen your breathing muscles... if you have sleep apnea or snoring problems, the didgeridoo will help immensely. Sleep Apnea is a horrible problem for so many people. It is a proven fact that playing the didge daily strengthens one's breathing enough to overcome this condition.

Dragon Didgeridoo's are sealed inside and out, assuring the player of great back pressure and a warm tone. It is so important that one has a pleasant didge playing experience! ...if you want to seriously enjoy the didgeridoo instrument then it really helps playing a well-made one.

I also enjoy doing creative artwork, so if you'd like to make your mark on your instrument, or even as a beautiful gift for someone special, please lets chat...



I am always busy with instruments not yet loaded onto this site, so if you're looking for something specific just give me a shout . 0609922599 or

A beautiful D# didgeridoo with some excellent backpressure and so wonderful to play. The tailored mouthpiece of French Oak and Iroko gives such a pleasant feel as well. A perfect didge to suit beginners and advanced players.

Price: R3800.00   SOLD

Order no: DD/Stix


Deliverance, because it delivers!!

This didgeridoo has a superb feel to it, playing beautifully with such warm tones and great backpressure, making it perfect for beginners and experienced players. An oak and iroko wooden mouthpiece for smooth mouth and lip feel. A real gem this ones is.

Price: R4000.00  SOLD SO SORRY

Order no: DD/Deliverance

Feast your eyes and ears on this one.

A beautiful F didgeridoo with such warm sound and nice tight backpressure. A slightly faster playing didge with a stunningly comfortable mouthpiece to keep those lips comfy while pumping out those rhythms.

Price: R3600.00 SOLD SO SORRY

Order no: DD/Feast







Above is a Plum tree branch. It has beautiful character in appearance and sound. Very sturdy backpressure and lovely tones, which just gets better as one plays more.

Price: R4500  SOLD

Order no: DD/Plumbranch

Above is an Oak branch, lovely and slender with tight backpressure and beautiful tones. Easy to play, could be a great beginner didge too.

Price: R2800 SOLD

Order no: DD/Oakbranch

The Dream Branch

Beautiful didgeridoo with lovely firm backpressure and easy to play.

A great one for beginners. Also fitted with a walnut mouthpiece for extra comfort.

Price: R2600.00

Order no: DD/DreamBranch SOLD , SO SORRY


Snake.mp3 (1.87MB)
Snake.mp3 (1.87MB)


A beautiful deep beginner didge with very comfortable backpressure, looking a bit like snake skin for its natural grain look, quite unique. Also fitted with a comfy walnut mouthpiece.

Price: R2200.00   SOLD, SO SORRY!

Order no: DD/Snake



Another beautiful deep beginner didge with lovely backpressure, easy to play and also fitted with a walnut mouthpiece for comfortable playing.

Price: R2200.00   SOLD, SO SORRY!

Order no: DD/Twiggy

Twiggy.mp3 (1.18MB)
Twiggy.mp3 (1.18MB)

Phat F.mp3 (1.16MB)
Phat F.mp3 (1.16MB)

Phat F

A stunning, cute, phat little didgeridoo. Extra tight backpressure and Lovely flared bell for extra volume.

Mouthpiece : Iroko(african teak wood)

Price: R2900.00  SOLD

Order no: DD/PhatF


A cute beginner didgy with great backpressure and branch-like features.

Price: R2100.00 SOLD !

Order no: DD/Didgeribranch


Splash.mp3 (2.68MB)
Splash.mp3 (2.68MB)

The Splash

A creative artpiece and a nice deep sounding didgeridoo.

Price: R2100.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Splash

Zebreye.mp3 (2.65MB)
Zebreye.mp3 (2.65MB)


A lovely long, big bell didgeridoo, deep sounding, fantastic to play.

Price: R5500.00 SOLD SO SORRY

Order no: DD/Zebreye

Trunk.mp3 (2.12MB)
Trunk.mp3 (2.12MB)


A unique character, able to play in two base drones of different key. A very interesting didgeridoo and awesome for the lounge wall!

Price: R5500.00

Order no: DD/Trunk

I am constantly busy with new didges and I welcome customized artwork, so if you're up for making your didgeridoo even more magical than it already is, then give me your idea or design and I will paint it onto your didge for you, or for that personal gift to someone. There has been fantastic feedback from people that have received a personalized didge, it is a very special occasion and creates an even stronger bond with one's instrument.

All Didgeridoos are crafted and designed by Paul Staal who has been making these magical instruments for 20+ years.

For more information on these wonderful instruments please feel free to contact Paul.