From Wood

Dragon Didgeridoos

The magical didgeridoos are crafted from an amazing plant called Agave, as well as certain hardwoods when they're available.

Some didgeridoos are shaped very uniquely and each is an individual that has had passion, patience and love  poured into it. Some specimens require more work than others, but the end result is a beautiful instrument that connects one to mother earth - the didgeridoo.

By using your voice and a variety of lip and mouth movements, you can create tunes, melodies and vibrations that will blow your mind. This is what happens to me each time I play. There is never a dull moment when playing a didgeridoo because there are always new ways of breathing and new sounds and rhythms one can make.

It is a fascinating instrument that anybody can play and have fun with or meditate with, or even if you want to strengthen your breathing muscles... if you have sleep apnea or snoring problems, the didgeridoo will help immensely. Sleep Apnea is a horrible problem for so many people. It is a proven fact that playing the didge daily strengthens one's breathing enough to overcome this condition.

Dragon Didgeridoo's are sealed inside and out, assuring the player of great back pressure and a warm tone. It is so important that one has a pleasant didge playing experience! ...if you want to seriously enjoy the didgeridoo instrument then it really helps playing a well-made one.


I am constantly busy with new didges and I welcome customized artwork, so if you're up for making your didgeridoo even more magical than it already is, then give me your idea or design and I will paint it onto your didge for you, or for that personal gift to someone. There has been fantastic feedback from people that have received a personalized didge, it is a very special occasion and creates an even stronger bond with one's instrument.

For more information on these wonderful instruments as well as prices, pictures and videos of available didgeridoos, please feel free to contact Paul.