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Dragon Cajons

Originating from the slave ships that traveled between Africa and South America, this box drum which ultimately derives from a wooden fruit box, is a small little wonder on its own.

This box drum has developed into a very popular instrument worldwide and is the accompaniment of many an instrument.  The Cajon drum is ideal for all people, children and adults. Besides being a professional instrument it is a lovely instrument to have in your home so that anybody at any time can just jump onto it and jam away.

The sounds one can expect from the Cajon are similar to that of a regular drum kit.

Because of the snare wires attached to the inside of the tappa, as well as the top corners being able to crack against the wood frame, one is able to achieve numerous percussive sounds that compliment many music genres.

This drum is fantastic for all types of occasions including acoustic gigs, campfire jams, rehearsals, recordings, etc.. and not to mention that they are great to travel with instead of lugging your whole drum kit around!

Take a look at this video with James Van Minnen playing the Dragon Cajons. James is a pro at what he does and I am so grateful to have such a brilliant drummer and percussionist playing my creations.

                    James van Minnen plays the Dragon Cajons..


 NEW !!

The Dark Horse - Adjuster

This is the ultimate Cajon and one of the newest in the Dragon range. It has an adjustable and mutable snare mechanism as well as a slanted front for better acoustics and better posture. All you need in a great Cajon drum.

Price: R4500

Order no: DC/DHAdj

The Dark Horse

This beautiful Cajon has an angled front tappa which helps immensely with back issues while playing, AND the bass notes are lovely and deep, giving you a deep, punchy kick-drum sound. Because of the slanted front you are also able to hear yourself so much better.  This is a fixed snare Cajon with both top corners giving a range of snare and slap sounds. This is the perfect alternative to lugging around a full drum kit.

Price: R3800.00

Order no: DC/Darkhorse

The Black Knight

Original design, superb bass and snare aspects. Cherry-ply tappa - very resonant with beautiful tones 

Price: R3500.00

Order no: DC/BlackKnight


Custom crafted drums are also an option so if you're interested in a cajon made from salvaged rare wood, or even if you want pictures or engravings on a drum, please lets chat...

Order no: DC/Walnut