Dragon Marimbas

Beautifully crafted and tuned Marimbas are another addition to our selection of wooden instruments. Authentic sounding and a great size to have in any home, and traveling is easy.

We are making different key marimbas regularly from traditional woods such as Kiaat, Padauk and Purpleheart. Custom orders are welcome or take a look at whats available below..


A beautiful 2 octave marimba, crafted from PurpleHeart wood. Very resonant, hardy, and beautifully tuned from C3 to C5.

This beauty is selling at R5500.00 AVAILABLE

Order number: DM/PH2

This beautiful Padauk marimba sounds so resonant and almost hypnotic. The keys are A3 - A4, all root notes. Diatonic tuning.

With the lovely thick Padauk bars and the unique Japanese Cedar as the base, this beauty is so resonant and beautiful to play.

A fantastic musical instrument for the family..Durable for kids and their wacking! (I have a child, I know how rough they can be! ;)

Price R4500  SOLD

Order no: DM/PadaukA-A

Padauk A-A.mp3 (988.27KB)
Padauk A-A.mp3 (988.27KB)



R1800.00 SOLD

Order no: DM/KiaatC



R3500.00  SOLD

Order no: DM/KiaatG

Kiaat G new.mp3 (601.91KB)
Kiaat G new.mp3 (601.91KB)


A stunning Kiaat wood marimba in the key of C with all other keys in the octave.

R3000.00  SOLD

Order no: DM/KiaatCtoC


Kiaat C new.mp3 (530.04KB)
Kiaat C new.mp3 (530.04KB)