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Dragon Didgeridoos

The magical didgeridoos are crafted from an amazing plant called Agave Blue.

Some didgeridoos are shaped very uniquely and each is an individual that has had passion, patience and love  poured into it. Some specimens require more work than others, but the end result is a beautiful instrument that connects one to mother earth - the didgeridoo.

By using your voice and a variety of lip and mouth movements, you can create tunes, melodies and vibrations that will blow your mind. This is what happens to me each time I play. There is never a dull moment when playing a didgeridoo because there are always new ways of breathing and new sounds and rhythms one can make.

It is a fascinating instrument that anybody can play and have fun with or meditate with, or even if you want to strengthen your breathing muscles... if you have sleep apnea or snoring problems, the didgeridoo will help immensely. Sleep Apnea is a horrible problem for so many people. It is a proven fact that playing the didge daily strengthens one's breathing enough to overcome this condition.

Dragon Didgeridoo's are sealed inside and out, assuring the player of great back pressure and a warm tone. It is so important that one has a pleasant didge playing experience! ...if you want to seriously enjoy the didgeridoo instrument then it really helps playing a well-made one.

I also enjoy doing creative artwork or engravings, so if you'd like to etch your mark on your instrument, or even as a beautiful gift for someone special, please lets chat...

Didgeridoo's for sale:

Beginners and specialized

*** Sound clips are best heard with headphones so as to feel the real impact of the bass and overtones of the magical didgeridoo ***


Beginner didgeridoo.  key:D#.  Beautiful sound and backpressure.

Beg 01.mp3 (1.56MB)
Beg 01.mp3 (1.56MB)

Price: R2000.00  SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg01

Beginner didgeridoo.  Key D.  Great sound, the perfect traveller.

Beg 02.mp3 (1.53MB)
Beg 02.mp3 (1.53MB)

Price: R2000.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg02

Beginner didgeridoo. Key D Flat.  Light and easy, plays beautifully.

Beg 03.mp3 (1.41MB)
Beg 03.mp3 (1.41MB)

Price: R2000.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg03

Beginner didgeridoo.  Key D#.  Lovely branch look, plays so sweetly.

Beg 04.mp3 (1.21MB)
Beg 04.mp3 (1.21MB)

Price: R2000.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg04

Beginner didgeridoo. Key D#.  Beautiful branch look, solid sound.

Beg 05.mp3 (1.23MB)
Beg 05.mp3 (1.23MB)

Price: R2000.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg05

 Beginner didgeridoo.  Key D.  Great little traveller didge, sounding amazing

Beg 06.mp3 (1.37MB)
Beg 06.mp3 (1.37MB)

Price: R2000.00 SOLD

Order no: DD/Beg06

Roo.mp3 (735.36KB)
Roo.mp3 (735.36KB)


Beautiful didgeridoo, a C# with lovely smooth, tight backpressure for rhythmical playing, as well as having a beautiful low tone. Very easy to learn on and transport around.

Price: R3300.00

Order no: DD/Roo SOLD

Beauty B.mp3 (1.59MB)
Beauty B.mp3 (1.59MB)

This is a stunning big bell didgeridoo in the key of B.

Beautiful deep tones and trumpets and so smooth to play. Meditational or rythmical, it is a superb didge to add to your collection.

Price: R5500.00

Order no: DD/BeautyB AVAILABLE




This beautiful didgeridoo has such a warm sound and feeling. So comfortable to play either meditationally or rhythmically, smooth backpressure. A stunning C#.

This didgeridoo can be played by beginners or advanced players. A real Gem.

Price: R4800

Orderr No: DD/EarthMotherDrone  SOLD


BoneWeb.mp3 (984.78KB)
BoneWeb.mp3 (984.78KB)

Nice and deep, a lovely meditational didgeridoo with good backpressure. A solid piece with a walnut and pine mouthpiece.

Price : R2700  SOLD

Order no: DD/Boneweb   




A beautiful F didgeridoo, very tight backpressure and with the enormous bell end the volume is increased dramatically. Maybe not the best learner didge but certainly an intense "little" beast.

A stunning Iroko(African Teak) mouthpiece.

Soundclip is the link below..

Price: R5000 *AVAILABLE*

Order no: DD/Illuminator

Such a lovely deep D didgeridoo. Warm, vibrant and resonant.

Perfect for all levels of playing!

Price: R2700  SOLD

Order no: DD/Diamond


Diamond.mp3 (1.15MB)
Diamond.mp3 (1.15MB)



Such a beauty, awesome tight backpressure. Lovely tones, a C# key.

Lovely big bell-end for that extra volume and smooth trumpet transitions, make for a great didgeridoo to play.

Price: R5500 *AVAILABLE*

Order no: DD/Transporter 


This little wizard is in the key of E.

Lovely back pressure, a warm and vibrant tone and easily playable by beginners.

Price: R2000  SOLD

Order no: DD/EWizard

E Wizard.mp3 (1.09MB)
E Wizard.mp3 (1.09MB)


Lots of character this froggy has ;)

Great back pressure lovely earthy tones with a root note of D.

Good for beginners and all levels.

Price: R2400  SOLD

Order no: DD/FroggyD


FroggyD.mp3 (896.71KB)
FroggyD.mp3 (896.71KB)

 The Coral Snake

A beautiful didgeridoo, quite meditative in its sound and vibration. lovely medium to slow backpressure which is awesome for meditational playing, good to learn on too.

Price: R2800 SOLD

Order no: DD/Coral

Coral.mp3 (1.09MB)
Coral.mp3 (1.09MB)

The Villager

Deep and meditational vibes.

Medium to slow backpressure, great for chilled playing.

Price: R2400 AVAILABLE

Order no: DD/Villager


The Fern

Lovely and long, she sounds deep and soulful. Dried fern leaves are pressed onto this didge, connecting you even more to the earth.

Price: R2700  SOLD

Order no: DD/Fern


Fern.mp3 (908.01KB)
Fern.mp3 (908.01KB)

Quite a unique character this is. A lovely deep drone and the ability to trumpet very easily.

A beautiful art piece for the lounge wall.

Price: R5800 *AVAILABLE*

Order no: DD/Trunk  

Trunk.mp3 (916.33KB)
Trunk.mp3 (916.33KB)


Key: A

Length: 2.1m

Bell diameter: 24cm

Mouthpiece: Yellowwood

Price: R6500 Available

Order no: DD/Zebreye

This eye catching artwork was inspired by my recent trips to Kruger National Park, Zebra's being the main animal we spotted alot of the time. I love these animals and their psychedelic black stripes.

This is a warm, friendly didgeridoo just like the Zebra :-)

The backpressure for such a long didge is very sustainable, even with the massive bell-end of 24cm! With this beauty you will get deepness and volumn, as well as a truly magnificent playing experience.

The deeper didges like this one, are phenomenal for meditative playing, although one can still incorporate faster rhythmical playing because the backpressure is so comfortable.

An awesome didge for the collection. Check out the sound clip.

Key: A

Length: 2.11m

Bell diameter: 21.2cm

Mouthpiece: Balau

Price: R6500.00 (Order No: DD/Bark)  SOLD

Long and slender with a beautiful bell-end, still with the bark striations intact. This didgeridoo brings to you a deep, warm feeling when being played. A strong earthy drone, excellent for meditational playing, and with the very comfortable backpressure you'll have no problem sustaining your circular breathing for hours on end.

If you've got the space for this 2 meter didge to nestle into your heart then you will not be disappointed. A lovely specimen to mount on your wall or showcase at your next group sound journey. Either way, you will be happy :-)

Check out this sound clip to hear the deepness. Earphones recommended.


Key: Deep F

Length: 3 meters

Bell size: 250mm

Attributes: A deep meditational Didge that only gets deeper as you play on and on. Not recommended for beginners as one needs experienced breath-work to sustain the drone, but once sustained, this Didge will transform your being.


Order no: DD/Gandalf

Gandalf.mp3 (1.47MB)
Gandalf.mp3 (1.47MB)


Gerrie from Gauteng owns many didges and also a few are from Dragon Creations. This was his comment after the last didge he bought:

"This is my favourite didge of all time!"


Michael from Cape Town:

" on my 3rd didge from Paul and I just want more. Such awesome sound and backpressure, and so nicely crafted.."


Kieron from Stellenbosch:

"Paul you are a master of your trade, that E didge is really my favourite didge"


Gary from Kwazulu Natal:

" I'm learning how to circular breathe better, the more I'm enjoying playing my didge and getting into the meditation..."


Reinhardt from Blouberg:

"...Im so excited Paul, I've just found the 3rd toot note in my didge!"

I am constantly busy with new didges and I welcome customized artwork, so if you're up for making your didgeridoo even more magical than it already is, then give me your idea or design and I will etch it onto your didge for you, or for that personal gift to someone. We have had fantastic feedback from people that have received a personalized didge, it is a very special occasion and creates an even stronger bond with one's instrument.

All Didge's are crafted and designed by Paul Staal who has been making these magical instruments for 15+ years.

For more information on these wonderful instruments please feel free to contact Paul.